List of issues of Saothar. Articles only.

Saothar 1 (1975)

Breándáin Mac Giolla Choille, Dublin trades in procession, 1864

Cormac Ó Gráda, Fenianism and socialism: the career of Joseph Patrick McDonnell

David Doyle, The Irish and American labour, 1880-1929

John Swift, Report of the Commission on Vocational Organisation and its times, 1930s-1940s

Greágóir Ó Dúghaill, Galway in the first Famine Winter

Saothar 2 (1976)

Miriam Daly, Belfast symposium on Irish labour history

Mel Doyle, Belfast and Tolduddle: attempts at strengthening a trade union presence, 1833-1834

Emily Boyle, The linen strike of 1872

Henry Patterson, Conservative politics and class conflict in Belfast

Francis Devine and Peter Rigney, Manifesto of the National Free Labour Association to the Railway Servants of Great Britain and Ireland (historical document and commentary)

Joseph J. Leckey, The railway servants’ strike in County Cork, 1898

James Kemmy, The Limerick Soviet

John Hoffmann, James Connolly and the theory of historical materialism

Saothar 3 (1977)

John Swift, The Bakers’ records

Mel Doyle, The Dublin guilds and journeymen’s clubs

Peter Rigney, Some records of the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union in the National Library of Ireland

W.J. Lowe, Social agencies among the Irish in Lancashire during the mid-nineteenth century

Seán Cronin, The rise and fall of the Socialist Labour Party of North America

Dermot Keogh, Michael O’Lehane and the organisation of Linen Drapers’ Assistants

Saothar 4 (1978)

Eric Taplin, James Larkin, Liverpool and-the NUDL: Apprenticeship of a revolutionary

Henry Patterson, James Larkin & the Belfast dockers’ and carters’ Strike of 1907

Dermot Keogh, William Martin Murphy & the origins of the 1913 lockout

Bill Moran, 1913, Jim Larkin & the British labour movement

Saothar 5 (1979)

Joseph Lee, Railway labour in Ireland, 1833-56

Maura Murphy, Fenianism, Parnellism & the Cork trades, 1860-1900

Gordon McMullan, The Irish bank ‘strike’, 1919

Seamus Cody, May Day in Dublin, 1890 to the present

Saothar 6 (1980)

Peter Murray, Electoral politics and the Dublin working class before the first world war

David Fitzpatrick, Strikes in Ireland 1914 – 1921

Emmet OConnor, Agrarian unrest and the labour movement in Co Waterford, 1917-1923

James Wickham, The new Irish working class

Saothar 7 (1981)

Jacqueline Hill, Artisans, Sectarianism and politics in Dublin, 1829 – 48

Charles Callan, The Regular Operative House Painters’ Trade Union

Ken Hannigan, British based unions in Ireland: Building workers and the split in Congress

Mary E.Daly, Women in the Irish workforce from pre industrial to modern times

Saothar 8 (1982)

Sarah Barber, Irish migrant agricultural labourers in nineteenth century Lincoinshire

Joshua Freerman, Irish workers in the twentieth century United States: the case of the Transport Workers’ Union

Declan O’Connell & John Warhurst, Church & class: Irish Australian labour loyalties in the 1965 split

Eric Hobsbawm, Working class & nations

Saothar 9 (1983)

Des Cowman, Life and labour in three Irish mining communities circa 1840

Hugh Geraghty & Peter Rigney, The engineers strike in Inchicore railway works, 1902

Rosemary Cullen Owens, ‘Votes for ladies, votes for women’: Organised labour and the sulfrage movement, 1876-1922

Saothar 10 (1984)

Enda Downelly, The struggle for WhitIeyism in the Northern Ireland Civil Service

Graham Walker, The Northern Ireland Labour Party in the 1920s

Brian Girvin, Industrialisation and the working class since 1922

John Coolahan, ASTI and the secondary teachers’ strike of 1920

Terence Folley, A Catalan trade union and the Irish War of Independence, 1919 – 1922

Saothar 11 (1985)

James Newsinger, As Catholic as the Pope: James Connolly and the RomanCatholic church in Ireland

Eugene Kieran, Drogheda and the British general strike, 1926

Enda McKay, Changing with the tide: Irish Labour Party, 1927-33

Daniel G Bradley, Speeding the Plough: The formation of the Federation of Rural Workers, 1944 – 48

Saothar 12 (1986)

Nigel Cochrane, The policeman’s lot was not a happy one: Duty, discipline, pay and conditions in the Dublin Metropolitan Police, c 1833 – 45

Vincent Morley, Soisialaithe Atha Cliath agus teagasc Daniel De Leon, 1900 – 09

Richard Mapstone, Trade Union and government relations: A case study of the Influence on the Stormont Government

Eoin O’Leary, The Irish National Teachers’ Organisation and the marriage bar for women national teachers, 1933 – 58

Saothar 13 (1987)

Fergus D’Arcy, The decline and fall of Donnybrook Fair: Moral reform and social control in nineteenth century Dublin

Gerard Morgan, A passage to Britain: Seasonal migration and social change in the west of Ireland, 1870 – 90

Ellen Hazelkorn, The social and political views of Lonie Bennett, 1870-1956

Saothar 14 (1988)

Anthony Coughlan, C Desmond Greaves, 1913-1988: Obituary essay

Fergus D’Arcy, Wages of labourers in the Dublin building industry, 1667-1918

Eithne McLoughlin, Women and in Co. Derry: A survey

Richard English, Peadar O’Donnell, socialism and the republic, 1925 – 37

Saothar 15 (1989)

Fergus D’Arcy, Wages of skilled workers in the Dublin building industry 1667-1918

Seamus S Duffy, Treasures open to the wise: Survey of early mechanics institutes and similar organistions The first world war and a Dublin distlliery workforce: recruiting and redundancy at John Power & Son, 1915 – 17

James Quinn, Labouring at the margins: Trade union activity in Ennisklllen, 1917 – 23

Saothar 16 (1990)

Shane McAteer, New Unionism In Derry: A demonstration of its inclusive nature

James D Young, John Maclean, Socialism and the Easter Rising

Terry Cradden, The Left in Northern Ireland and the national question: The democratic alternative in the 1940s

Kieran Allen, Forging the links: Fianna fail, the trade unions and the emergency

Saothar 17 (1991)

Fergus Darcy, Unemployment demonstrations in Dublin, 1879 – 1882

Enda McKay, The housing of the rural labourer, 1883-1916

Dennis Clark, Sticking together in the urban work world: Irish immigrants in Philadelphia in 1850

Saothar 18 (1992)

Brian Henry, Industrial Violence, Combinations and the Law In Late Eighteenth Century Dublin

Christine Hynes, A Politic Struggle: The Seamstresses’ Campaign, 1869 – 1872

Siephen Bowler, Sean.Murray, 1898 – 1961, And The Pursuit Of Stalinism In One Country

JamesD. Young, John Leslie, 1856 – 1921: A Scottish – Irishman As Internationalist

Thomas Neilan Crean, Labour And Politics In Kerry During The First World War

Saothar 19 (1993)

Padraig G. Lane, Perceptions of Agriculture Labourers After The Great Famine, 1850 – 1870

Anton McCabe, The Stormy Petrel Of The Transport Workers’: Peadar O’Donnell, Trade Unionist, 1917 – 1920

Manus O ‘Riordan, James Larkin Junior And The Forging Of A Thinking Intelligent Movement

Saothar 20 (1994)

Gerard Moran, The Land War, Urban Destitution And The Town Tenant Protests, 1879 – 1882

Bob Purdie, Riotous Customs: The Breaking Up Of Socialist Meetings In Belfast, 1893 – 1896

Peter Murray, A Militant Among The Magdalens? Mary Ellen Murphy’s Incarceration In High Park Convent During The 1913 Lock Out

Jonathan Hammill, Saor tire And The IRA: An Exercise In Deception?

Saothar 21 (1995)

Donald M. Mac Riald, Culture, Conflict And Labour Migration: Victorian Cumbria’s Ulster Connection

James B. Wolf, ‘Withholding Their Due’: The Dispute Between Ireland Great Britain Over Unemployed Insurance Payments To Conditionally Landed Irish Wartime Volunteer Workers

Christopher Arton, The Irish Labour Party In Northern Ireland, 1949 – 1958

Gary Murphy, ‘Fostering A Spurious Progeny?’: The Trade Union Movement And Europe 1957-1964

Saothar 22 (1997)

Mats Grezif, ‘Marching Through The Streets Singing And Shouting’: Industrial Struggle And Trade Unions Among Female Linen Workers In Belfast And Lurgan, 1872 – 1910

John Lynch, Harland And Wolff: Its Labour Force And Industrial Relations, Autumn, 1919

Barry McLouglin, Proletarian Academics Or Party Functionaries? Irish Communists At The International Lenin School, Moscow, 1927- 1937

Marc Muiholland, ‘One Of The Most Difficult Hurdles’: The Struggle For Recognition Of The Northern Ireland Committee Of The Irish Congress Of Trade Unions, 1958 – 1964

Saothar 23 (1998)

Anne-Marie Whittaker, Swords to Ploughshares? The 1798 Rebels in New South Wales

Takashi Koseki, John Donnellan Balfe and 1848: A Note on a Confederate Informer

Fergus A. D’Arcy, The Dublin Police Strike of 1882

Penny Holloway & Terry Cradden, The Irish Trade Union Congress and Working Women, 1894-1914

Saothar 24 (1999)

Fintan Lane, Music and Violence in Working Class Cork: The ‘Band Nuisance’, 1879-82

John Lynch, Technology, Labour and the Growth of Belfast Shipbuilding

Heather Holmes, Sanitary Inspectors and the Reform of Housing Conditions for Irish Migratory Potato Workers in Scotland from 1945 to the 1970s

David Brundage, American Labour and the Irish Question, 1916-23

Barry McLoughlin, Colder Light on the Good Fight: Revisiting Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Michael McGinley, Labor Pro Bono Publico?

Saothar 25 (2000)

Máirtín Ó Catháin, Michael Davitt and Scotland

Paul Dillon, James Connolly and the Kerry Famine of 1898

Charles Callan, They Stooped to Conquer: Inter-Union Rivalry in the Painting Trade, 1892-1910

Fearghal McGarry, ‘Catholics First and Politicians Afterwards’: The Labour Party and the Workers’ Republic, 1936-39

John Horne, 1848 and the Language of Politics

Dónal Ó Drisceoil, A Very Irish Revolutionary: Peadar O’Donnell

Joost Augusteijn, The 1930s and Popular Politics

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  1. Bryan MacMahon says:

    The Irish Independent Magazine of 10 Sept 2011 has an article by Bryan MacMahon on Robert Tressell, Dublin-born author of The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, to mark the centenary of RT’s death in Liverpool.

  2. Nick O'Neill says:

    How can I download or obtain a copy of the article “speeding the plough” in saothair 11, 1985?

  3. conormccabe says:

    Hi Nick,

    all back issues are available from the Irish Labour History Museum, Beggars Bush, Dublin 4.

  4. Michael Gogarty says:

    To conormccabe, thanks for the advice, I was actually searching for the same subject. Mick Gogarty ex FRW.

  5. Edmund Penrose says:

    To Nick O’Neill & Michael Gogarty

    Contact me at
    re your query.

  6. Edmund Penrose says:

    Keep an eye on our website as we are uploading on a temporay basis early copies of Saothar.

  7. Steve McCann says:

    the labour history museum is well worth a visit, i called in and picked up some great stuff on larkin,o’donnell, winfred carney and connolly


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